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What People Say About Schulz Logistics LLC.

Doug Trumbo
Doug Trumbo
I've been here 6ish months and I love this company. Everything is straight forward and the miles are there. The office and shop staff are great.
Anthony DeHerrera
Anthony DeHerrera
I've been working with Schulz for many years and I have nothing but great things to say about this transportation company. Schulz displays consistent integrity, communication, and provides some of the most competitive rates in trucking. I'm always confident that things will run smoothly when I booked a Schulz load and would recommend them to any other carrier. If 10 stars was an option, I'd give them a 10/10. Thanks for all you do for Ultimate, Schulz.
darcie new
darcie new
Driver ran us off the road and was tailgating for over half hour. Do better!
Vera Gilbert
Vera Gilbert
The best trucking company
Wes Walsh
Wes Walsh
Good place to work. It's got a family atmosphere, great benefits, and great mechanics. The only down side to this company is they need to pay thier drivers better.
Jason Hissong
Jason Hissong
My father drove for this company for 15 years, they don’t care about their drivers just like most companies all they care about is money. My dad hurt his shoulder 2 months before they gave out bonuses and wouldn’t give him his because he was on workman’s comp. I wouldn’t work for a company like this.
Julia R
Julia R
On 9/01/2023 in Austin, Texas one of your drivers (Richard) purposefully swerved at me and nearly caused me to wreck. I reported this incident on the phone the day of and through email on 9/05/2023 and have yet to hear back from y’all for a follow up. This was the most unprofessional and dangerous situation I’ve ever been in on the road and it could’ve costed me my life.
Charles Storm
Charles Storm
Great job, keeps me very busy... more miles than you can imagine. Dispatch is top notch Some of the Best Equipment in the industry.
Just want to say a HUGE Thank you to Schulz Logistics for 5 years of excellent work.

Always consistent with their rates and freight! Easy working with such professionals!

No stress and no pressure! There needs to be more brokers like Schulz Logistics!


We have been working with Schulz Logistics for several years now and have had nothing but a positive experience. Their communication, Service, and reliability is second to none. Friendly staff and they REALLY DO look out for their carriers year round! We truly value their business and partnership.

All Ways Express

You folks are hands down the best brokerage company we work with and have nothing but praise for your staff and the freight opportunities that we have been provided with by your organization, look forward to working with you for many years to come hopefully, your honesty and loyalty are 2nd to none. Thanks for all you do. Feel free to list with my name and company name both.


Mike C.

Assistant Transportation Director, Wholesome Foods, Inc.

We are so blessed to work for Schulz logistics

Thank you for trusting us.

Yimi Trucking LLC

The Best broker to work with! Have been working with Schulz Logistics for a few years and has been an amazing experience. Schulz Logistics performs a strong work ethic through very important values such as dedication, professionalism and integrity. Definitely looking forward to continue working together in the following years to come.
Kevin C.

Dispatch Manager, ABS Xpress

We would like to acknowledge the excellent job that Schulz Logistics does for Natural Fuel Charcoal. Your Team “kills it” by going above and beyond on every load consigned to Schulz. Now, I’m not just saying this because you spell your last name correctly, but rather because it’s true. Schulz Logistics is a trusted and valued partner and we very much appreciate the great job done on our behalf everyday.

Natural Fuel Charcoal, LLC

Our experiences with Schulz have always been positive.

Follow up is well above the industry norm.

Schulz personnel are pleasant, responsive, cordial and honest. We truly enjoy working with Joe, Robby, Christy, Jeff, Amber, Tabitha and Shavette.

Their professionalism, dedication, and loyalty to their carriers is what sets them apart from the rest.
Their level of Customer Service is excellent, and the rates are always fair and competitive. Invoices are paid on time and without any issues.

We look forward to many more years of doing business with them!

Meade Trucking Company Inc.

Schulz Logistics is one of the best brokers we work with. They are fair on their rates and give us steady freight all year. They always do their best to help us if we run into an issue. They’ve often gone the extra mile to help make a load work with our driver’s schedules and needs. As a result, we always feel confident and assured when accepting a load from Schulz.
Mark L.

General Manger, Stokes Trucking

Working for this amazing firm, Schulz Logistics, has been a true pleasure. They have always been a trustworthy and professional company. They accomplish everything quickly and with great efficiency. Everything is carried out smoothly, but most importantly, everyone is helpful and supportive. Outstanding performance from everyone I’ve dealt with in the recent years. Working for Schulz Logistics has been an absolute joy; they are an exceptional company. Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do for me.
Jax Express Inc.

Schulz Logistics is our most preferred broker due to their professionalism, accurate and detailed paperwork, easy payment processing and on the road support. One of their best assets: they totally know how to realistically estimate trip hours! We can accept a load and know with confidence that the delivery time is legally doable. And when road challenges occur, Schulz has always been easy to get ahold of even after hours. A company’s reputation is a direct reflection of the quality of their employees….and that makes Schulz the best! Every employee we’ve interacted with is knowledgeable, professional and helpful. Wish there were more Logistics companies like Schulz Logistics!
Brenda Coker

Vice President – Operations, California Emergency Foodlink

Schulz Logistics looks forward to building a strong and growing business relationship with you.

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