Freight Brokerage Company in Lincoln, NE

Where trucking industry expertise meets unparalleled brokerage services, delivering seamless solutions and unmatched personal care in every freight journey.

Expedited/ Team Services

Swift and efficient delivery solutions tailored for time-sensitive shipments, utilizing expertly coordinated team services to meet the most demanding deadlines.



Versatile flatbed services designed to accommodate a wide range of freight, providing flexibility and reliability for the transportation of diverse and unconventional cargo.


Full Truckload

Comprehensive full truckload services delivering cost-effective and dedicated transportation solutions, ensuring the swift and secure movement of goods with maximum capacity utilization.



Streamlined logistics with the capability to efficiently manage multiple pickups, optimizing routes and schedules for a cost-effective and time-saving transportation process.


Bulk Shipping

Specialized handling and logistics expertise for bulk shipments, ensuring secure and reliable transport of large quantities with a focus on efficiency and safety.


Temperature Controlled

Precise and reliable temperature-controlled shipping solutions, safeguarding the integrity of sensitive cargo with advanced technologies and meticulous attention to temperature management.


Truckers At Heart

We understand the brokerage world from a trucking company’s point of view and understand what is important to trucking companies. Understanding what you deal with from day to day, we know what works and what doesn’t!

Balanced Growth with a Personal Touch

Schulz Logistics has successfully maintained a small company feel despite our impressive growth. We recognize the importance of personal connections and individualized attention, traits often lost in larger logistics firms.


Empowering industrial enterprises with robust logistics solutions, Schulz Logistics ensures the seamless movement of heavy machinery, equipment, and materials to drive operational efficiency.


Navigating the unique challenges of the agriculture sector, Schulz Logistics facilitates the timely and efficient transport of crops, livestock, and agricultural supplies to support the growth of farming communities.

Fresh Produce

Preserving freshness from farm to market, Schulz Logistics specializes in the careful handling and swift transportation of fresh produce, ensuring quality and timely delivery for discerning clients in the agricultural and retail sectors.

Manufactured Goods

Optimizing supply chains for manufacturers, Schulz Logistics delivers tailored logistics solutions for the timely and secure transportation of a diverse range of manufactured goods, enhancing productivity and market responsiveness.

What Are People Saying

Just want to say a HUGE Thank you to Schulz Logistics for 5 years of excellent work. Always consistent with their rates and freight! Easy working with such professionals! No stress and no pressure! There needs to be more brokers like Schulz Logistics!


Our experiences with Schulz have always been positive. Follow up is well above the industry norm. Schulz personnel are pleasant, responsive, cordial and honest. We truly enjoy working with Joe, Robby, Christy, Jeff, Amber, Tabitha and Shavette. Their professionalism, dedication, and loyalty to their carriers is what sets them apart from the rest. Their level of Customer Service is excellent, and the rates are always fair and competitive. Invoices are paid on time and without any issues. We look forward to many more years of doing business with them!


We have been working with Schulz Logistics for several years now and have had nothing but a positive experience. Their communication, Service, and reliability is second to none. Friendly staff and they REALLY DO look out for their carriers year round! We truly value their business and partnership.

– ANDY, All Ways Express –

You folks are hands down the best brokerage company we work with and have nothing but praise for your staff and the freight opportunities that we have been provided with by your organization, look forward to working with you for many years to come hopefully, your honesty and loyalty are 2nd to none. Thanks for all you do. Feel free to list with my name and company name both. Thanks

– MIKE C., Assistant Transportation Director, Wholesome Foods, Inc. –

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Schulz Logistic's owner, Joe Schulz is back again with a Freight Industry Outlook for 2024. The year began with severe weather conditions across the nation, including heavy snowfall and sub-zero temperatures that halted trucking operations for nearly two weeks. This...

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