Why Choose Schulz Logistics?

We understand the brokerage world from our experience in dealing with other brokerages.

Industry-Rooted Expertise

Schulz Logistics stands out with a team boasting 90% of its background from the trucking side of the freight industry. This deep-seated understanding of the challenges faced by trucking companies gives us a unique advantage. Unlike brokers with limited experience, our team comprehensively grasps the intricacies of the trucking business. This makes us an invaluable bridge between our customers and the carriers, ensuring a smooth and informed process. Our industry-rooted expertise allows us to navigate complexities effectively and tailor solutions that genuinely work for both trucking companies and our customers.

Proven Performance & Growth

Over the past 6.5 years, Schulz Logistics has not only thrived but has consistently demonstrated remarkable growth, handling 14,000 loads per year in our 6th full year of operation. Our track record speaks volumes about the effectiveness of our approach. The majority of our carriers return for additional business, showcasing the trust and satisfaction they have in our services. This proven performance is a testament to the successful synergy we’ve established between the trucking industry and our brokerage services. We’re not just a promising concept on paper; we are a dynamic and thriving logistics partner with a demonstrated ability to deliver results.

Personal Touch

Schulz Logistics has successfully maintained a small company feel despite our impressive growth. We recognize the importance of personal connections and individualized attention, traits often lost in larger logistics firms. Our commitment to offering a personalized touch ensures that our carriers and customers don’t feel like mere transactions. We take pride in fostering long-term relationships, and our growth is not at the expense of the intimate, client-focused experience that sets us apart. Schulz Logistics provides the best of both worlds—a rapidly growing business with the personal attention and care of a smaller company.

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