Moving Into Warmer Months…


As we quickly approach May, the weather woes of the winter and short days already seem like a distant memory! Everyone in transportation usually breathes a little easier after surviving another winter (except the people heavily involved in fresh produce). We are no different. I’m always excited when snow turns to rain, roads stay open, and freight moves in a much more predictable way!

Even though we are out of the winter and all the complications that come with it, our man-made issues still loom large. Inflation rates are still refusing to give up their fight, elections are on their way this fall, and freight volumes have yet to recover. I’m starting to feel like a broken record, but I still don’t see anything terribly exciting in the coming year, economically speaking. So, with the continuing economic doldrums, my message from the last update remains as important as ever. Build relationships to make money over time instead of jumping from short term opportunity to short term opportunity. This is the best insurance policy you can get to ensure you survive the slow times. This has been our focus over the past year. We have been going the extra mile to make sure the carriers that have earned our trust stay busy and profitable during these slow times.

Another primary focus for us this year is starting relationships with new customers. We are really hitting our stride with efficiency on the business we have already earned, and we feel it’s a great time to actively seek new business. The hard part is always getting that first opportunity. We are very aware that our industry is extremely crowded and there are a lot of untrustworthy business out there. Once we get those chances, we are confident we will be able to show how we are different instead of trying to tell them we are different! Kathy has led the charge to get us up to date on the social media platforms, keep our website fresh and updated, and keep me honest on adding to our content with these updates, ha-ha! We really feel that this gives us a better image and can help people get a better understanding of us.

As we approach our 8th year in business, we are truly grateful for all our customers and carriers that trust us with their freight and futures!


Keep it cool (or warm)! Our Temperature-Controlled service is your ticket to shipping sensitive goods. From food and agriculture to pharmaceutical goods, we’ve got the technology to maintain the perfect climate throughout the journey.


I joined Schulz Logistics in September 2023. Prior to Schulz Logistics, I worked for Sysco Foods where I was introduced to Schulz Logistics and partnered with for over four years. I have a passion in logistics and supply chain and have over 10 years of experience.

I enjoy working in the logistics industry because of the constant moving pieces that keeps me challenged and building knowledge. Knowledge is key. I served in the Army for 6 years, where I gained my initial experience in supply chain and am now a proud Veteran. The experiences…