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For our 2023 year end review, we’ll delve into owner, Joe Schulz’s observations, highlighting the forces that shaped the industry and his perspective on the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead in the logistics industry.

1. A Year of Remarkable Stability

Compared to the turbulence experienced from 2020 to the beginning of 2022, the freight market in 2023 exhibited a noticeable lack of turmoil and instability. Despite the occasional seasonal spikes in different areas of the US, the overall market remained flat, presenting a stark contrast to the unpredictable fluctuations of previous years.

2. Forces at Work: Momentum from Post-Pandemic Days

According to Schulz, two significant forces contributed to the subdued nature of the freight market in 2023. The first force he identifies is the lingering momentum from the post-pandemic boom. The hay days following the pandemic had created a surge in demand and a capacity shortage, a momentum that, Schulz believes, could have persisted if not for the actions of the Federal Reserve.

3. The Role of the Federal Reserve

“The Federal Reserve did enough with interest rate increases to bring supply and demand into a much better balance,” Schulz observes.

While acknowledging the dissatisfaction among carriers with these measures, he emphasizes the importance of maintaining consistency and preventing a financial system meltdown.

4. Navigating the New Normal

As the industry transitions towards a new normal characterized by higher interest rates and stabilized freight rates, Schulz offers insights on how logistics businesses can thrive in this challenging market. “Focus on efficiencies and competitive advantages,” he advises, emphasizing factors within one’s control, such as customer service, cost control, building relationships, trust, and loyalty.

5. Loyalty as a Competitive Advantage

Schulz believes that loyalty is a scarce commodity in the current market and asserts that companies that built loyalty during the tumultuous times of the pandemic are the ones set for growth. In a market where customers are increasingly selective, building and maintaining strong relationships prove to be critical competitive advantages.

6. Opportunities in Selectivity

While Schulz acknowledges that opportunities still exist in the market, he notes that customers are becoming more discerning in awarding them. He underscores the significance of loyalty, as scarcity often creates demand, and those who have cultivated loyalty are likely to see continued growth.

7. The Outlook for 2024: Stability Amidst Challenges

Looking ahead to 2024, Schulz anticipates another flat, possibly slower year. The potential impact of higher interest rates and reduced demand on labor markets poses a threat to the industry. As unemployment grows, spending decreases, resulting in less demand for transportation. Schulz expresses hope for continued stability, asserting that a stable freight market is preferable to one in the midst of a recession.

Conclusion: Navigating the Currents of Change

We are working with a stable yet challenging freight market. As businesses adapt to the new normal, focusing on efficiency, loyalty, and competitive advantages becomes paramount. Schulz’s insights offer a compass for navigating the currents of change in an industry that continues to evolve.


Wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday season as you celebrate with loved ones and friends. Thank you for choosing our team in 2023 and we look forward to serving you in 2024!